History of C#

C# is one of the Modern Programming Language. It supports numerous number of features. It provides Robust Security features which is very necessary today.

In this article, I’m going to discuss with you the interesting history of C#.

Microsoft provided the C# language which runs on the .NET Platform.

It is one of the best competitive language to Java now.

Anders Hejlsberg, He is the founder of the C# Language.

C# is an Object oriented programming language.

First VersionC# 1.0

In 2002, they released the first version of C# 1.0 with .NET Framework 1.0. It was a big deal at the time 2002. The very first version is completely full of basics. That is we had Classes, Events, Interfaces things like that. We didn’t have Lambda, Generics, Async and await cool features.

Second Version – C# 2.0

Version 2 was the major release in the year 2005. The flagship features in version 2 was Generics, Anonymous methods, iterators and nullable types. Version 2 was really the big step forward.

Third Version – C# 3.0

In 2007, they came up with version 3. This is the time where everything started to change for them. In Version 3, C# introduced LINQ (One of the Core feature of C# still now), var keyword, Lambda Expressions, Anonymous types.

Fourth Version – C# 4.0

Version 4 brought support for Dynamic Binding, Named and Optional arguments in 2010. This opened up the language in interesting ways. It gave some additional flexibility to the language.

Fifth Version – C# 5.0

In 2013, version 5, C# introduced the wonderful feature called Async Programming (async and await methods). From this features, we can write a method that can be called asynchronously. It is the powerful feature to develop parallel programming.

Sixth Version – C# 6.0

In 2015, version 6 didn’t have a major feature like async/await methods instead they came up with numerous smaller features that to help us write cleaner code. E.x: Auto-property initializers, Null-propagating operator, Exception filters.

Seventh Version – C# 7.0

In 2017, version 7 brought some functional programming concepts of C#, namely Tuples, Pattern Matching, improved out variables. Like version 6, version 7 also brought many incremental improvements as well.

Eighth Version – C# 8.0

In 2019, C# version 8 is the major release for them. Big improvements are Nullable reference types, Pattern Matching improvements, Indices and Ranges, Default Interface Members, Async Streams etc. It is the latest version at the time of writing this blog.

In the upcoming days, I’m going to cover each and every pieces of C# and Microsoft technologies in a simple way. Please support, If you like this article please comment and share.

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